Baby Girl Dresses for Summer 2017

Summer 2017 is almost upon us and we all love to dress up our baby girls, whether it be dresses, tutus or even accessories all of us love to shop for the beautiful baby girl dress to wear this summer. Tiny Angels Clothing Boutique provided a stunning range of dresses for summer 2016 and we will be doing the same this year. Take a look below at some of our gorgeous dresses that were the highlight last year and may well be this year.


We are bringing you an entire new range of dresses to our Summer 2017 Collection, keep your eyes out for some special discounts too. Take a look at some of our new dresses for 2017 already available to order.

Tips for Choosing the Best Clothes for Your Beauty Queen

Baby Clothes

When it comes to buy dress for your little angel you will have a number of options in front of you. This is because the market for baby clothes is becoming huge and you have a lot of offers in front of you to choose. Thus, while you are making purchase for your baby girl online you need to decide upon few things that will help you.

Decide the type of dress that you are looking for
You will be astonished to find the different types and varieties of dresses that are available online. Thus, it is necessary that you decide beforehand about the type of dress that you nt for her. If it’s for regular wear you can choose among the different casual wears available. If you want something elegant for her then party wears are best option. For girls frocks are very common and you will get wide choice among them too. Tees and tops are also common for regular wear and you may also buy night wear if you need them. Thus, before you start your search decide the type of dress you want.

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Considering other things
Once you have decided the type of clothes you want to buy for her, you must think about the quality of the dress that you will be buying. The clothes must be soft and comfortable otherwise your girl will not feel comfortable when she will wear it. There are different types of fabric with which these dresses are made and mostly care is taken that these dresses are comfortable. However, before you purchase you should check the details about the dress that is provided along with the dress.

Color of the dress
For a baby girl there are lot of colors starting from soft white to baby pink and blues. Baby girls look cuter in pink dresses and thus you will get wide choice of pink dresses. However, every type of dress does not look good in pink. So choose the color according to the type of dress you are buying.
Another thing that you need to consider while buying clothes for her online is the size of the dress.

It should not be very large and neither is small. So, make sure that you have followed the size chart before you place your order.

Dressing up your beauty queen is something that you must dream of, thus while you choose the dress be sure that you have taken care of these things.

Buying the Right Size Dress For Your Little Angel

You will get astonished by the speed at which your baby grows. And the shopping for your little angel will never stop, especially if you have the option to buy from online stores that offers you wide range of dresses for your beauty queen.

While shopping from online stores you have a wide array of clothes in front of you that includes pretty dresses, knit wear, outer wears, rompers and many new items. Choosing them is really fun but the problem arises when you have to decide upon the size of the dress that you will order.

If you buy a lovely dress for your baby girl and after delivery you find that its smaller than her size, just think how embarrassed you will be! Thus, it is necessary that you understand the sizing chart for babies and kids before you place your order.

Know your girl’s size first

Whether you are buying a party gown or a flared casual dress for your little lady it is necessary that you check the size of the dress. Normally, when you browse through the online stores you will find that they will give you enough resources that will help you decide the size. Like most online stores will state the size of the dress according to the age of the baby girl. However, you need to be sure that your baby is of normal size of her age.
As sometimes your baby girl may be of 3 yrs. old but her growth may be more than that. So, know about your child size before you start browsing.

Shopping for the right size

As already mentioned the clothing size of baby and their age is interrelated. The size of an infant is measured by their weight and height. Thus, when you are buying something for your kid, you should weigh them and measure them. You will get size chart at the website itself that will guide you to choose the right size of dress for your baby girl.

You may face another problem here when the measurement of your kid falls in between two sizes. It is better to go for the larger size because you know that your baby will grow and within few months she will grow to fit the dress.

Even the type of fabric of the dress is also important for knowing the exact size. Some clothes made from such fabric that expands easily can be of small size too, but silk dresses should be of appropriate size.

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